Friday, December 21, 2007

Snubster, what is all the talk about?

The question of social networks and the good that they bring and the negative impact on the community as well as society as well as the loss of interaction in the real world has given birth to many anti-social networks and the question of are we seeing the next phase of a social progression of anti-social behavior in the virtual world of the internet and is this the creation of an acceptable behavior not unlike the clicks that many people were a part of in high school.

The idea was to bring people together and now they are working hard to protect themselves from strangers in a social network community? Wait they sign up for a social community to get to know people and/or keep up with friends and family, then they want to isolate themselves. There are plenty of im's out there that allow you to talk to friends and family without allowing anyone outside to look at your profile so isn't the idea of the social network to get to know people you don't know?

I am really missing something here? Please give me your opinion.


Anonymous said...

Holy run on sentence, Batman!

Ralph said...

It is a "special gift" Robyn. :) Ralph

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