Friday, December 12, 2008

Lisa Madigan, Illinios Attorney General's call to action!

Lisa Madigan, Illinois Attorney General has called for the temporary removal of Governor Rod Blagojevich from office.

Blagojevich is currently being charged with trying to sale Barack Obama's senator seat to the highest bidder. Madigan wants all Blagojevich's powers as Governor removed on the bases that impeachment will take to long and that the Governor is not acting in the best interest of the people he is suppose to be serving. Madigan has asked that Lt. Gov. Patrick Quinn to be granted temporary appointment of Governor.

With the charges against Blagojevich, it is obvious that he is not acting in any ones interest but his own, asking that anyone taking Obama's seat would have to support the Governor in his political decisions.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Founder of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities was arrested.

Charges against Bernard Madoff include the running of a Ponzi Scheme. Named after Charles Ponzi. This is a pyramid type scheme, slightly different in nature, were investors are promised a higher than average return for there investment.

Click here to go to Wikipedia For more information on this type of scheme.

The arrest came about when Mr. Madoff informed his senior employees of the fact that his firm was just a form of the Ponzi scheme.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The F 18 crash san diego - What does the military plan to do?

On Dec, 8th, 2008 a F 18 crash san diego was reported. That is a Military Jet an F 18 crashed into a residential area in San Diego. Over 20 residence were evacuated from their homes and have not returned.

The military should be held accountable for this tragedy. Three people have died from this accident and this community now lives with fear every time they hear an F 18 fly over head.

Should there be a ban on the military flying war planes over residential areas?

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