Monday, December 17, 2007

National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Is this just another stupid sequel movie?

The long awaited and somewhat expected sequel to National Treasure, as always the trailers look good. However, the premise is already looking a bit sketchy. There is another even bigger secret then the first one.

Wait a second, the first big secret was passed down from generation to generation in Ben Gate's(Nicholas Cage) family. Something that had torn their family apart, an now there is another secret? Okay, I loved the first movie so I will bite............ With that said do not treat me like I am stupid. I want a good reason that this secret has fallen into your lap and not some lame brain, we can make a sequel about the families other secret. Here is your chance writers, make it believable according to the parameters that you have already set in the first movie.

That is not a bad idea, what did the first national treasure hold or was this what they hinted about at the end of the first movie? If that is the case then we should expect a smooth flow of ideas from the first movie to this one.

Teaser Trailer
Theatrical Trailer
Theatrical Trailer No. 2
Nicolas Cage Ben Gates
Diane Kruger Abigail Chase
Ed Harris Mitch Wilkinson
Helen Mirren Emily Appleton
Justin Bartha Riley Poole
Jon Voight Patrick Gates
Harvey Keitel Sadusky
Alicia Coppola FBI Agent Spellman
Joel Gretsch Thomas Gates
Bruce Greenwood The President

Jon Turteltaub Director

Cormac Wibberley (II) Screenplay
Jim Kouf Characters as Source Material
Oren Aviv Characters as Source Material
Charles Segars Characters as Source Material
Marianne Sellek Wibberley Screenplay
Ted Elliott Story By
Terry Rossio Story By
Cormac Wibberley (II) Story By
Marianne Sellek Wibberley Story By

Chad Oman Executive Producer
Mike Stenson Executive Producer
Oren Aviv Executive Producer
Charles Segars Executive Producer
Barry Waldman Executive Producer
Jerry Bruckheimer Producer
Jon Turteltaub Producer
Pat Sandston Associate Producer

Camera, Film & Tape
Amir Mokri Director of Photography
John Schwartzman Director of Photography

Full Crew

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