Thursday, December 27, 2007

Brendan Fraser and wife Afton call it quits.

Brendan Fraser and Afton Smith are calling it quits. The rumors are true. They are no longer able to keep their marriage together and have announced that they are going to be getting a divorce.

39-year-old actor Brendan Fraser and his wife of nine years, Afton, leave their children, Griffin Arthur, Holden Fletcher and Leland Francis, wondering what is going to happen to them.

Afton Fraser is looking for a divorce.

Afton Fraser, the mommy of "The Mummy" star Brendan Fraser's children, Griffin Arthur, Holden Fletcher and Leland Francis, announce that they are unable to reconcile their differences. This will bring to an end their 9 year marriage.

They have made it clear that they will be "continuing to maintain a close and caring friendship" to help their children through this tragic time.

Courtney Prince vs. Madison Square Garden Settled!!

Courtney Prince has settle out for an undisclosed amount. She was fired and the lawsuit soon followed. This raised a few questions but not many.

Following on the heels of Anucha Browne Sanders harassment law suit against them and Isiah Thomas, head coach and team president. She was awarded $11 million.

A third lawsuit that was filed by a group of female security guards in October for unfair treatment claiming that other guards received better treatment after pursuing intimate relationships with members of management.

Now the big question is, will she be able to work or an even better question is, with the settlement does she need to work?

Benazir Bhutto Assassinated!!!

The former Prime Minister of Pakistani Beenazir Bhutto
was assassinated in an attack at an election-rally in Rawalpindi.

This now nuclear-armored nation is now the focal point of the
West's war on terror. Many people are saying that we need to
divert more attention to this new possible threat to homeland

In the attack 16 innocent people were killed and another 60
were injured in the gunfire-and-bomb attack. The opposition leader, 54, had survived a previous attempt on her life when she returned from exile two months ago.

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