Friday, April 17, 2009

Carlie Beck is A: Cheer Coach or B: Playboy Bunny?

High School cheer coach Carlie Beck was fired after she posed for Playboy online. She used the alias Carlie Christine.

Carlie says the she will miss the cheer team as she has come to love everyone that was on the team and their parents. She states that she was up front about her modeling career. She does fully intend to go forward with her modeling career. She was named Playboys Online Pick of the Week in February.

It was students that had been cut from the cheerleader team, with the help of their parents that brought the photos of their ex-coach to the Principles office. There is concern even among other parents who's children attend the school that this simple send the wrong message to these impressionable young girls.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Goog feels the impact of weak economy.

Goog is feeling it too. The Search engine giant Google is feeling the effects of a weak economy, but they are not going to let that slow them down. Google's CEO says that he intends to keep things going strong at the search engine giants home base as well as across the country.

Google shares are strong as ever and the Google stock is still a strong investment (in my opinion). The company has prided itself on the ever improving their searchers experience and highest quality sites on the internet. This coupled with the number one search engine marketing is helping to keep the company in the right direction as others start to falter.

The goog's employees are cheerful and bright as they stand behind the company that they have stated(in numerous opinion poles) is the best company in the world to work for. (Based on the opinion of this blog writer and not any gathered hard facts.

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The legend John Madden puts away the mic.

John Madden, the legendary Coach and Sidelines broadcaster put down his microphone Wednesday April 15th 2009. He has been one of the greatest coach and then adding his unique coaching prospective to the sidelines was a ground breaking event.

His name is found on every major football video game around. His game plans are copied and used by the best football teams in the world. His insight into the reasoning behind other coaches strategies is almost considered mystical.

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Madden has had more sponsors than most other coaches and even many of the players.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rodenator gets hard hits from humane society?

Rodenator is under attack in Spokane. Finch Arboretum is under a devastating contrivers e regarding the "Blasting Squirrels" from a device known as the Rodenator.

The reasoning is that the squirrels are "destructive to the arboretum". There is to much damage so they reason that the fastest way to solve the problem is to blow them up. The reproduction of the creature is to fast to cause normal standards to work.

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