Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Nikki Catsouras pictures have reappeared.

The tragedy that haunts a family is still unable to be put to rest. The Catsouras family is still wrestling with the death of their daughter. Lesli (Mother) and Christos (Father) Catsouras have struggled for the past 3 years with the unfortunate and untimely death of their 18 year old daughter Nikki Catsouras.

Nikki Catsouras suffered from a brain tumor as a child, that affected Nikki Catsouras' impulse controls. Treatment for this tumor was intense and painful. It is believed that between the problems with the treatments and the impulse control disorder that lead Nikki Catsouras to experimenting with cocaine which in 2005 lead her to hospitalization.

Nikki Catsouras once again in 2006 turned to cocaine. Lesli and Christos Catsouras made an appointment for Nikki Catsouras' specialist in an attempt to better understand her condition that was obviously out of control. Lesli and Christos Catsouras schedule the appointment for in October 2006. She would never make it to her appointment.

On October 31 2006, Nikki Catsouras grab the keys to her fathers Porsche and walked out the front door. Lesli Catsouras heard Nikki Catsouras backing out the driveway and called Christos Catsouras to let him know what Nikki Catsouras had done.

Christos Catsouras immediately called the police to report that his car had been taken by Nikki Catsouras without his permission and while Christos Catsouras was giving the report to the officer the officer was informed that a black Porsche matching Christos Catsouras' description had just been involved in an accident out on 241 at the toll area. Christos Catsouras new that there was something wrong and his heart sank.

Apparently Nikki Catsouras had taken the Porsche up to around 100 MPH and lost control of the Porsche. The Porsche slammed into a Honda, the only other car on the road at the time, before going over the median and smashing into the concrete toll both. The accident gave Nikki Catsouras the nickname "Porsche Girl". Nikki Catsouras and the coroner deemed her condition to unsettling for Lesli or Christos to be allowed to identify the body.

The driver of the Honda was taken to a hospital and treated for minor injuries. He currently has a lawsuit against the Catsouras family for damages to his person and property. The status of the lawsuit currently is still pending. (I would hope that the Catsouras' will take responsibility for the actions of their daughter as they should. Knowing that their daughter has an impulse control problem they should have put the car keys were Nikki could not have gotten them, as is the law[Not to be taken as legal advice, if you seek legal advice you need to speak to an attorney])

Christos and Lesli did as any good parents would do and mourned the passing of their daughter. They had put to rest 18 years of struggle and triumph. They were ready for the healing process to begin. Other people had other ideas though, about two weeks after the accident Christos received an email that he thought pertained to his business in real estate. To his horror when he opened the email was the Nikki Catsouras morbid picture from the crime scene. If the picture wasn't to much for him to bare, the caption with the email taunted Christos with the words, "Whoohoo Daddy! Hey Daddy, I am still alive." Christos was devastated.

Unfortunately for Lesli and Christos this was just the beginning for their suffering, as the reports of the email lead to the creation of a myspace account in Nikki Catsouras' name were the individual poked fun at her death and invited others to do the same. The comments ranged from the car being more valuable then Nikki to she somehow deserved to die like this. (Trust me that I believe that we all tend to get what we deserve, but most people don't really want to know why they deserve it and you should always have respect for families that have lost loved ones. I wanted to give you something to think about if I could. If getting what you deserve is the way people feel then when you j-walk do you deserve to be hit by a car? I am just wondering.)

Police officials launched an investigation into the public appearance of the nine crime scene photos. In time the investigation lead to two dispatchers for the California Highway Patrol: Thomas O'Donnell-39, and Aaron Reich-30. The California Highway Patrol sent an official apology to the Catsouras family by mail(How nice of them, yes, your daughters photos are world wide now but we are going to inform you by mail, I am not saying announce it to the world, but at least get in the car and drive over you owe them that much.). Thomas O'Donnell received a 25 day suspension without pay and Aaron Reich eventually quite his job though they state that it had nothing to do with the release of the photos.(I am sorry but did I miss something, let me explain it the way my father did to me. Thomas and Aaron took crime scene photos and either sent an email to the father or gave the emails to someone that did. Okay, first, those photos are evidence regardless of if the case is open or closed. So 2 Dispatchers for the CHP [that is what we call it in CA.) stole photos from an evidence room and by their actions lead to the public release of these photos causing one to be sent directly to the father, and you have to live for 25 days without pay is what they think is appropriate? I am sorry but if that is the case, perhaps they need a revolving door on the room that contains evidence? It is a simple rule, in a job were you have access to things like evidence or records, if you take them, YOUR FIRED. As I tell my 13 year old son, your not sorry for what you did, if you were you would not have done it, your sorry that you were caught doing it. So if they can get photos, then what about confiscated drugs and other paraphernalia that is not as easily traced?)

Since the unauthorized release, the photos have gone viral(Big internet word for everywhere on the internet.) and even with the greatest of efforts the Catsouras family have been unable to remove all copies of the photos from the internet and in response they filed suit against the CHP. In March 2008 the judge ruled that the rights of privacy do not extend to the dead. The Catsouras family filed an appeal and is due back in court June 1. (Rights of the dead? So I can run up to any accident and start taking pictures? No. I would be removed and possible have my camera taken. That is privileged rights granted to agencies and when they fail to protect those rights they should be held accountable.)

The photos have been obtained illegal and any site displaying them should be held accountable. Hey, politicians are always looking for a way to make money, here you go they can severely fine any one displaying those pictures and have them destroy them.


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raphnexx Press freedom said...

hey,I sympathize the family of Nikki.I am sad about the pictures being published publicly,i think this should resort to legal actions.
Press freedom has limitations.

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