Thursday, May 7, 2009

Secret Shopping agencies are looking for mystery shoppers.

Secret shopping agencies are receiving incentives from major research companies due to the recent change in the economy. It is not surprising to see an increase in spending by major corporations in the area of customer research satisfaction. There are some many companies that have gone out of business or filed for bankruptcy.

The change in attitude of big business corporation is that they are now more concerned then in the past of what kind of customer service visitors to their stores are receiving. This has increased the need for mystery shoppers not only in major city, but in the surrounding areas as well. The concern has turned from only worrying about profit to understanding that you can't anger a customer to keep $5 on a product that they want to return, to understanding that they are losing a customer for life and that effects if a company is going to be around tomorrow and that is were mystery shoppers come into play.

More and more companies are looking into mystery shoppers and realizing that this out sourcing to a neutral party to give them an honest opinion. In the past secret shopper tended to be in house employees, however it was found that this was not as effective as getting an outside opinion.

This is the best place start that I have found.

The first site is an internet watchdog site and the next two are the recommendations of You should go there first and read up on internet scams and mystery shopping.

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