Friday, May 1, 2009

Danny Gans the Las Vegas legend has died.

Danny Gans is not well known beyond the Las Vegas area, he was however a legend with the Las Vegas community. Friends and family were shocked and saddened by his untimely departure. Many of the staff that he worked with held him in high regard and feel that there is a place in their heart that he will always hold.

Danny Gans was 52 when he past away in his sleep in his home in Las Vegas. He was having trouble breathing and paramedics were called but did not arrive until after he had past.

He was known as one of the best in the business for his performances and will be dearly missed by all.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

1 comment:

Nomad said...

it really is too bad that Gans passed on at such a relatively young age, but it seems like being a Vegas entertainer wouldn't exactly promote long term, healthy life

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