Thursday, April 23, 2009 Vs. Gretchen Rossi is saying that it owns the photos of Gretchen Rossi. What is the inevitable right of a person or company to own photos of someone that is demeaning to them, or are pornographic in nature. has the right to buy photos if she is dumb enough to have posed for them for that company. The question I put before you is, does a company have the right to buy a photo from an ex-boyfriend or from a guest at a party that pulled out a camera or photo device and unlawfully took a picture without the consent of the person?

If someone you invited to dinner flows you into the bathroom and takes a picture of you on the toilet and then runs out of your house, is that their legal property? Are we require to make sure that if we go into our bedroom and use the master bath room do we have to lock the doors to keep from having our privacy invaded?

My next question is, if someone does a photo shoot for say toilet paper, would the company have the right to sale the picture to a magazine on the false pretense that someone had caught that celebrity on the can, or is the changing of the spirit of the picture a violation of contract?

Let me know what you think.

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