Monday, April 20, 2009

My Mobile Watchdog, your teen could become a sex offender!!

My mobile watchdog is a program for cell phone texting. It has allowed authorities to catch predators that are sending sexually explicit pictures to minors.

The application is applied to the cell phone and can control the content that the phone is allowed to receive. The types of software that are out there can very from provider to provider.

Jessica Logan, a Cincinnati, Ohio teenage girl in 2008, hung herself due to her nude photos for her boyfriend, where sent to teenagers at several high schools, she was taunted and ridiculed for weeks before she killed herself.

Mr. Harris works for Child Sex Internet Investigations Unit in Jefferson County, Colorado, decided that the software would become a crucial part of the job.

Using his phone with the new software, Harris presented himself as an underage child on social-networking web pages and pedophiles began to take interest. His results were immediate. He has made 83 arrests of alleged sexual predators and of those 83, 44 of them have com from the monitoring software.

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