Friday, January 8, 2010

The idea behind paid online surveyor

The first step is to ask, "what is a paid online surveyor?" The simple answer is that it is someone that receives compensation for taking surveys. The compensation can take many forms. Most people think of being paid for taking surveys as receiving money for taking surveys. The trick here is that there are several types of ways to be paid.

Paid online surveys are paid in the form of cash for each survey or each set of surveys that are completed and qualify for payment. The reason that qualify is part of this is that in the beginning there were paid survey takers that would take the same survey several times to get paid for it several times.

The next form of payment is a point system. For each survey that is successfully completed and turned in the paid survey taker receives points in their account. Once the points have reach a predetermined amount. (The minimum amount is set by the survey company. An example would be a company requires 100 points for you to begin using them or spending them. Points can be stand for money, products, or services depending on the terms and conditions of the company that you have the account with.)

Another form of payment is a drawing. This method is each survey that is completed and is not a duplicate. This increases the chance for those that are doing more surveys and working at it have a better chance to win. Most drawings are for cash, but this is not always the case. This is good in the form that one or a few people get a nice amount of money, however this means that there are many that will not get paid for the work that they do.

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