Monday, August 10, 2009

Hannah Montana the movie to be released on Aug, 18 2008.

If your a parent like me then you know, Hannah Montana the movie is going to come out right around the begin of school. What are they thinking? I would have thought that Hannah Montana the movie would have been a great holiday gift for my little princess, however with all the advertising and the media, it will be impossible to send her to school lacking the essential Hannah Montana stuff that she and all of her friends will want to be wearing.

Don't you think that it would have been better for them to release Hannah Montana backpacks and clothing during back to school week rather than the movie itself. They should have pushed the accessories and other lines and pushed for Hannah Montana costumes in late September or early October. In October or early November I would have pushed a country type Hannah Montana sing-a-long for Thanksgiving and then the blockbuster release of Hannah Montana just in time for the holidays.

What do you think? Now I have to try and give excuses not to buy it and since she earns money washing my car, I have to give excuses why she shouldn't buy it either.

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