Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mitchell Report: Doping the MLB

Senator George Mitchell is releasing his report on the highly anticipated drug use (Steroids) in the MLB (Major League Baseball). According to ESPN Pitchers Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte along with approximately 50 current and former players will be named as having been doping during their professional careers.

The Mitchell Report as it is being called by the news media will supposedly shed light on the commissioner's office and players union tolerated "the presences of and use of steroids, stimulants and human growth hormone" lead to the MVP and Cy Young Award winning Players.

The Mitchell List as the "Players" are calling it, is over 300 pages long plus attachments. Has officially been released. More than half the players on the list are no longer active in the MLB. Players have obtained these drugs through "rejuvenation centers" to try and cover their activities. Is this to be the most prevalent change to baseball since the 1919 World Series were the Chicago White Sox, (Known as the Black Sox) took a bribe to lose the World Series.

Mitchell's Report - Is it the 8 men out slap of our time? Is this the beginning of the end for the MLB? Only you can decide. After all you are the one who has to pay for the tickets.

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