Friday, December 14, 2007

I am Legend Review: Will Smith

This fresh look to a classic book that has been made into a movie is just that, our kids generation of computer generated graphics so all that is not real can be seen on the big screen. Will Smith does a stunning job of bringing his character to life on the big screen and gives us a desired hope for the last man of the human race. He does an outstanding job of holding the attention of the audience, in a single actor movie that we have not scene since Tom Hanks in Castaway.

The big build up in the darkness that surrounds him is not unlike the darkness that surrounds each of us as we struggle through the morale issues of today's society, and then, suddenly, the horrific creatures of the night become visible to us, and here is were it all comes to an end. The computer generated creatures of the dark are less than horrifying and to much on unreal side of reality. Now, I do like cheesy Sci-fi as it is one of my favorite subjects, however most will find that the creatures of this dark tell fall far short after such an intense build up. I enjoyed the pondering of our own nature and the questions that we are left with. Many critics do not agree. They feel that it is an unresolved and unfulfilled conflict that should have had more depth and detail. You will have to be the judge. It is all a matter of opinion and perspective. I enjoyed the chance to catch this one on the big screen for Will Smith's performance, however there are many that will simple want to see this one on the DVD, it helps when you can see all the bloopers, deleted scenes and sometimes an alternate ending.

I can't wait to see what the reaction will be when this movie goes to DVD and we get the chance to look behind the scenes and give credit for all the hard work that was involved.

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