Friday, April 3, 2009

Iowa Supreme Court and Lawyers are hammering away at gay marraige again

Iowa Supreme Court and Lawyers have once again decided that the votes and opinions of the nation are to be set aside so that the minority has precedent over the what was once the American way.
I find it amazing how easy it has become for the law of the land (or state in this case) have come to mean so little in our country. It is any wonder that crime is a problem.
Didn't they vote on this. I know that they had a vote in California and the constitution was amended in the exact same way. Does voting mean anything any more or do the lawyers get to make all the decisions and they just need to find a judge to back them on it.
What are these lawyers thinking? What are they teaching their children?
I want a lawyer to explain this if they can, because as far as I can tell, this is the end of America. It no longer matters what the majority says is right, a minority with a lawyer is the way to get what you want in this country any more.

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