Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The F 18 crash san diego - What does the military plan to do?

On Dec, 8th, 2008 a F 18 crash san diego was reported. That is a Military Jet an F 18 crashed into a residential area in San Diego. Over 20 residence were evacuated from their homes and have not returned.

The military should be held accountable for this tragedy. Three people have died from this accident and this community now lives with fear every time they hear an F 18 fly over head.

Should there be a ban on the military flying war planes over residential areas?


fan boy said...

i was amazed at what a non-condemning attitude the father of the family that was killed had after this crash

Anonymous said...

You are right fan boy, so many people out there would be convinced that the money from a lawsuit would help to heal their pain. It is so refreshing to see someone that is more concerned for the well being of their family and not just to get rich.

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