Friday, January 18, 2008

World Golf Tour is it real or digital?

Many golfers have turned to a new way of golfing, or should I say an old way with a new face.

Video or digital golf has been around for 20 years now, even the Atari 2600 had a kids mini-golf game. This was done with blocks of pixels and even the ball was square.

Snapping back to the new millennium, we take a look at were we have come.

Fortune Article

This is becoming one of the hottest sites in the arm-chair golfer world. There are many coarse golfers that have put down the real clubs to pickup and compete in this around the world simulation. I don't think you will see this at the Orlando Show. Video clips from the Orlando PGA Merchandise show.

Now that this site has a strong following of men there is no doubt that they will inevitably be trying to gain the women's following as well. (Updates from the LPGA Tour)

As the numbers of stay at home or soccer mom's increases and they have started to seek out work at home opportunities such as Secret Shopping. They now have more disposable income and have started seeking out golf as a way to relax and get in a light bit of exercise.

This will be as much potential for those moms that have a full schedule and can't get away to the course to simply fire up there computer and get in a quick 9 holes without having to leave the comfort of there home.

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