Thursday, December 6, 2007

Speed Racer Movie 2008 Get All the info....

Have you seen the new Speed Racer trailer? I grew up watching this cartoon. I am glad that they are not making it to serious as I would love to be able to take my 5 year old to see this. It looks like a bunch of cheesy stuff and I can't wait to take her. Speed Racer is going to be one of her favorite movies I am thinking.

I have had several people that have written and asked me if I felt that this movie project was worth the money that has been spent on it. I must say that there has been a big move by the movie industry to make movies that do well at the box office but are more targeted for the home DVD collection. I can tell you that the box office is all going to be determined by what this movie is up against when it comes out, the home collection is going to be a must for most of us that grew up to the original and have children under 8.

Directors: Andy Wachowski Writers: Tatsuo Yoshida (Charaters and story)
Larry Wachowski Larry Wachowski (Screenplay)

Based on the Japanese Anima 1960's series. It follows a young boy and his family that are devoted to the race car life style.

Speed Racer Emile Hirsch
Trixie Christina Ricci
Mom Racer Susan Sarandon
Pops Racer John Goodman

See the trailer here: Speed Racer


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